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Q: May I order a floral design that is not shown on your web site?
A: Yes, send your order with a sketch, a photo or specific instructions of your custom floral design and we will contact you with a quote.

Q: Could I request shoe bags be crafted in a specific color or print?
A: Yes, you may be as specific as you'd like. For example, if you are looking to order shoe bags for everyone in your women's golf league, we will select a golf-theme patterned fabric for the bags. We can make shoe bags on a solid color (i.e., green) and embroider the league's name and the year of the season on the bag, along with a little golf motif.

Q: Are you able to ship gifts sooner than a two-week lead-time?
A: Depends, we will try our best to accommodate your needs, but please be mindful that every order is hand-crafted and made custom. Send us your request and depending on our capcity and volume we will let you know whether we can meet your ship date.

Q: My friends are having a baby shower and I would like to order some bibs for the baby, except for they don't know the baby's gender. How can I order personaized gifts without the baby's name?
A: Very easy, you may purchase a Mercad Ventures Gift Certificate and offer it as a gift at your baby shower. Our Gift Certificates have our web site address printed on and are issued along with an order form. Gift recipients then will be able to log onto our web site, view photographs or our gift selection and place and order for the gifts of their choice.

Q: Can I have my company logo embroidered on a dozen baseball caps?
A: Yes, along with the order and payment, you may send us your logo in a disc and we will digitalize it into embroidery stiches. A mock-up sample will be sent to you for approval before relesing the entire order. You may make changes to the sample and send it back along with the sample approval form.

Q: Would I be eligible for a discount if I ordered in bulk?
A: Probably, eligibility for a discount will depend on the volume of the order and the detail of your customization needs. You are more likely to receive a higher discount on large orders of the same item.
Note: Large orders of wedding favors or floral centerpieces for banquets must be sent at least 30 days in advance.

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